Nero 2015 is the latest version

Nero added a new line to its collection set enabling users to move their music, videos and pictures between PCs, Smartphone, tablets and cloud without any loss in its quality or frustrating compatibility issues.

This current version provides you an innovative single click conversion facility. Even though it is simple enough for beginners, it still offers loads of options that advanced users can work with to capture, enhance, convert and stream all kinds of media.

You can get Nero free download on the Internet thanks to bittorrent clients or can be purchased in a disc format at the local electronics store.

Minimum requirements

  • Window versions (any Windows 8 to XP SP3)
  • CPU 2GHz
  • RAM 1GB
  • Graphic Card – DirectX 9
  • Hard drive space 5GB
  • Programs installation size – 1.1GB


Interface is simple and clean with tiles in bold colours. Ancillary function tiles like tools, updates, product news and tutorials can be seen at the bottom of the web page.

In addition, you can see tiles for Manage & Play, Edit & Convert, Rip & Burn and Backup & Rescue arranged in columns. New featured media apps included can be viewed in the first column of Nero 2014 – MediaHome, MediaBrowser & Blu-ray Player.

MediaHome is the media manager that lets you select from the photo, video and music files. MediaBrowser allows you to browse through your collection. You can edit and share your photo via email directly with Nero’s personal online community – Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and KWICK.

Editing photos

MediaHome allows you to correct and enhance images using Edit button. It is not Photoshop, but folks get features like colour, auto-exposure, straighten, red-eye removal and crop.


Recode is the main selling point. Here you can select the media and get reformatted play automatically on different device. The most vital stuff for this treatment is probably Video, since tablets and Smartphone’s has no issue in playing audios or displaying pictures of any resolution.


Video editor alternatives range from simple & automatic to more advanced movie. Automatic theme can provide pan & zoom to still effect, intro & outro as well as attain an interesting background soundtrack. You can select 4K format in an advanced movie. It also supports arranging, trimming, rotating, multi-track overlay editing, cropping and photo in photo generator.

Mobile device support

It is compatible with all the current mobile platforms. Preconfigured profiles work efficiently on mobile devices, while converting discs.


Nero 2014 Blu-ray player supports 3D or plain BDs perfectly.

Burning ROM & Nero Express

Mutually, Nero Burning Rom and Nero Express comprise the Rip & Burn category. Both have unchanged interface because users resist having it changed.

Advantages of Nero 2015

  • Edit, receive, send and convert 4K or Ultra HD
  • Watch Blu-ray 3D and discs
  • Transcode & send video content in just 1-click from Blu-ray CD, DVD, AVCHD to cloud or any connected device
  • Automatically match video with music rhythm
  • Automatically match melodious mood to project duration
  • Create magical Tilt Shift effects
  • Use latest devices with highly enhanced pace when transcoding
  • Landing page allows rapid access to applications
  • More enhanced performance for encoding and media management in Nero free download

New version Nero 12 has been launched

The world of computer is changing very fast around us. In a decade, we jumped from a regular PC, to a handheld 7 inch tablet that could do anything that a PC could do. With this fast advancement in the hardware, it is important that people get access to advanced software. Some software is required that could do everything, in a few simple steps. With the launch of Windows 8, more and more companies are now trying to launch new versions of their old but famous software.

It is true that operating systems nowadays are likely to perform all the tasks, but there are some cases in which it is essential to have dedicated software. Nero the famous CD/DVD burning software is launched in its 12th version, which is bound to do more than just data writing.

Why is Nero 12 better than its predecessor?

powerful-burner-2310There are many reasons as to why one should get the new Nero 12 or its platinum version. Some of the fine differences are pointed below:
In case of burning the data on DVDs and Blu-ray: the new software is able to span the data on the Discs more efficiently than the previous versions. There is a new option of creating auto starting discs in Nero free download.

For audio and video editing, the software supports quite a new feature with all the features from the previous versions. A new option of introducing effects and themes of films and retro style is given. A great new application in Nero 12 allows the editor to stabilize the videos that are created using compact cameras and phones, reducing the shakiness of the video. The video editing allows optimization in the famous wide screen aspect rations 16:9 and 16:10.

For video conversion, a new option of converting the YouTube and FLV videos. Option of audio conversion is also available with New 12 and its platinum version. There is also the option of converting the Blu-Ray files to any format; however, it is only available with the Platinum version of Nero 12.

New Applications

Some new applications are also added in the new Nero 12 free download. These applications would help in performing all the new tasks discussed above. These applications could be run separately as well. The popular Nero Video to convert, edit videos is available. There are some new features added in this app for advanced users. Nero Kwik media is another great app, which would allow you to work on you music, photos and videos. You can create catalogs using this app and play the videos or music from the built-in player.

Nero 12 multimedia suite also provides the application that could allow you to create backups of your data and also to recover some lost files, whether they are corrupted or deleted from your discs. The previously known apps of Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom are also present that are the essential part of the suite. All this makes Nero 12 download one of the most advanced video editing, converting software that could handle almost all formats of the videos.

The Stars in Product Lineup

Nero has in its ranks some of the most sought after products in the world of digital media content. These products have not only elevated Nero above its peers but also made the brand synonymous with certain tasks, e.g. media burning. Below are some of the most popular Nero free download products in the world.

Nero 11 Platinum

Nero 11 is among the most complete software packages around. Apart from the many multimedia applications at its disposal, the software also adds in features like cloud storage, support for mobile devices for syncing data like videos, audios and photos, and even playback of Blu-ray content. The high definition experience is completed by an easy to use and yet highly advanced video editing and video conversion

Kwik Media Unlimited

Kwik Media Unlimited from Nero features seven highly functional applications built into it. These applications help users get the most out of their music, photos and videos. The included tools are Nero Kwik Mobile Sync, Nero Kwik Faces, Nero Kwik Burn, Nero Kwik Play, Nero Kwik DVD and Nero Kwik Theme Packs. Buying Kwik Media Unlimited allows users to save almost 70% compared to buying each of the above applications individually.

Nero Video

Creating a movie out of just video clips is no easy feat; more so for amateur users. However, that task is made simpler with Nero Video 11. The application helps users create movies through its advanced and yet easy to use features for video editing. Features like drag and drop, multi-track editing, customizable overlays, effects with keyframe control and PIP (Picture-in-Picture) effect templates are also present.

Nero Burning ROM

The software that first shot Nero to fame, the Burning ROM is now into its 11 iteration. However, even today it does the same thing exceedingly well. Burning and copying different media like CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs is just as easy but the quality is better than ever before. SecurDisc 3.0 technology ensures the durability of the burned content through problems like aging, scratches and even deterioration. Also present are advanced options for security like encryption and password protection.

Nero Back It Up

Backing up data is a pretty common need today. This is mainly due to the increasing number of people with more amounts of data to boot. Nero’s backup software not only ensures the safeguarding of all digital media but also ensures protection with user friendly features like Rescue Agent and LIVE Backup. Both these tools help make the process of backing up and restoring pretty easy with just a single click involved.

Nero MediaHome

Nero’s Media Home 4 is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a complete home entertainment software solution. This application allows users to stream video, audio and even photos throughout the house over a wireless medium. The software is also useful in playing media files on popular devices like gaming consoles, computers, HDTVs, portable media players and smartphones.
Although Nero free download boasts of many other products and applications in its ranks, these are ones that have made the highest contribution in its rise to the top.

Free Nero 11 Download – Cannot Get More Complete Than This

cd-burner-vers-11Some kinds of software leave an indelible impression in the minds of their users to the extent that the software brands become synonymous with their products and tasks. A fine example of the same is Nero. Now in its 11th iteration, the Nero Suite is a fine collection of everyday software that is bound to become a hit with fans just like the previous editions.
Nero 11 contains applications that are ideal for both professional and amateur types of users. And Nero is also quite popular among users for another very important reason and that is the user friendliness of its applications. Nero 11 continues in this tradition and presents to the world some very effective and yet easy to use applications for different purposes.

Media Browser

The Nero Media Browser is a one stop solution to access all files located on a computer’s library. This tool is especially useful when creating projects. Accessing all the videos, photos and audios in the library is a single-click operation. The tool also allows users to drag and drop digital files from the Nero Kwik Media library onto any new or existing projects. This makes for a pretty smooth experience.

Converting Video Files

Nero 11 uses advanced transcoding technology to convert multiple files and their formats into different kinds of output formats. It could be videos for portable devices or even DVD movies; Nero 11 performs the conversion in the smoothest manner. This allows users to watch their content without any hiccups at all. Nero Recode also has playback support for the most popular formats, there is also encoding support for many file formats.

Burning Different Media

This is the function that Nero is most well-known for. With Nero 11, however, things go one step further with the inclusion of SecurDisc 3.0 software along with Surface Scan. Both these features not only ensure the longevity of each burned disc but also protect the data against problems of aging, scratches and mishandling.

Ripping DVDs

This tool is likely to be of immense use to all those movie buffs that are constantly looking for ways to back up their DVD collection. All the contents of a DVD can be moved to the computer straightaway with this tool through a single click of the mouse. It also features advanced options like selective ripping and foreign languages for more enterprising users.

Back It All Up

Backing up one’s data can be a painfully slow process. Restoring is pretty much along the same lines as well. Both processes are made mighty easier with Nero’s LIVE Backup tool. This application allows users to back up all their data with a single click of the mouse. Restoring is also possible in a similar manner. Advanced users can manually select which parts of their data they want backed up.
With such a host of features that are bound to be highly useful across different ages, sexes and professions, the success of Nero 11 is pretty much guaranteed.

See this review for better disc burning experience. Though the market of computer programs is large, while thinking of decent CD and DVD burners, Nero free download should fit perfectly into this topic. There has been many different version releases but the latest at the moment is Nero 11 that was launched in February 2012. Though being a new program version, Nero 11 has already been downloaded numerous times. There are many other burners available on the web also, and actually they burn discs as well as Nero, but Nero free download has many additional applications that will make the life of a computer user much easier. Users can experience many extra bonuses, for example make backups, store media, play videos and much more. One can choose the right extensions during the installation to get a maximum experience.