Nero is a Leader in Media Software and Applications

Nero is one of the world’s most respected and innovative tech companies. It creates software and applications that allow people to enjoy various kinds of digital content like photos, music and videos. Its products are used across the world and the company has a presence in pretty much every conceivable area of media and its management.

Nero is also not restricted to any one type of platform either. The Karlsbad, Germany based company has over the years released applications that users can access across different devices like personal computers, tablets and even smartphones.

Multimedia Software Suite

This is Nero’s most popular product and contains high-quality applications for carrying out a number of different tasks.

•    With the sheer amount of data that is doing the rounds today, it is pretty common for one to make a mess of its management. The media managing component of Nero is made for exactly these kinds of tasks. The Kwikmedia feature allows users to create a photo book. One can also create different covers, prices, styles and even samples. A lot of editing options are presented to the user when creating these collections of photos.
•    The video editing software included in this suite is a highly capable one. Most users who edit videos are not very well versed with the various aspects of this art and hence Nero is ideal for them. It has many user-friendly options like the ability to import video files from Windows Live Movie Maker, making blazingly fast edits to the video files, creating beautiful slideshows and making highly creative movies.
•    As different types of devices have come into being, so have the different kinds of video formats. Nero has a solution to that problem as well. Its Multimedia Suite also contains a video converter tool. This tool can convert pretty much any file and format for faultless playback on any device. Be it the PC or portable devices like smartphones, PMPs or even tablets, the tool uses the latest transcoding technology for a smooth conversion. The tool also allows users to pick format favorites for different devices. There is also the ripping option. With this option, users can rip their DVDs, or extract audio or even create an audiobook.
•    With the amount of data increasing exponentially, there has arisen a need to backup that data to guard against unfortunate losses. This task of backing up is made much easier with Nero’s LIVEBackup tool. This allows for a single click approach to backing up all the digital files. It also allows for manual backup for advanced users.
•    The wireless nature of data sharing has meant that more and more users are syncing their digital data across different device platforms. Nero’s converting and syncing tool enables users to move digital content between their PCs and other portable devices.

These are just some of the tools contained within Nero’s Multimedia Software Suite. They have been instrumental in taking Nero to the numero uno position that it enjoys today, courtesy the millions of satisfied users worldwide.