There are many reasons as to why one should download the new Nero 12. The new multimedia suite is one for everyone. If you want to convert files, edit videos, photos or audio, if you want to create data backup or you want to simply play what you have edited. Nero 12 does it all for you.

There are so many applications in this one suite that users would fell that they have actually got a bargain. People often buy products that are dedicated and could only perform a limited number of tasks. But now, with the increased processing power of the modern aged PCs, Nero had taken into account, the Nero 12 and its platinum version is the one step solution for all you multimedia fanatics. And best of all, it is compatible with the new Windows 8, which means that you could switch to the new operating system bearing in mind that you can still use this great software on the new platform.

There are a total of seven different applications that let you edit files in the format of your choice. This is indeed, another beauty of this software that it has a wide range of selection when it comes to conversion. You even have the option of working with the audio files. The file media manager is great if you want to keep check on all the files that you store or edit. There are themes and effects to be added on your videos and photos. A very latest attraction is the Nero Recode application. Nero Recode is used for conversion of videos, whether they are on discs or in file format, to a format of your choice. The best part of this application is that it supports almost all the latest video formats. This, in turn, means that you can play your favorite videos in other format. It also allows you to get your videos off your computer and into your mobile, or tablet and play it in the same high quality.

What Nero Recode can do for you?

With the ever increasing use of devices such as tablets and smart phones; their increasing screen size along with portability, no wonder people don’t mind watching movies on these handheld devices. The application Nero Recode is used precisely for this purpose: to get the entertainment on mobile. There is a predefined list in the app that has all the devices such as iPad, smartphones, etc. you can also select any video format from the likes of MKV, AVI, 3gp, AVC, MP4, etc. The quality and other parameters could be controlled manually and you can have your favorite videos converted and played in your devices, as simple as that. The application is designed to use the processing speed of your processor and the GPU, to speed up the process of conversion. You also have the option of shutting down the computer once your conversion is complete. Furthermore, you can have multiple movies getting converted for mobile, without straining the computer itself. Hence, the Nero Recode is you one stop solution to your mobile entertainment.


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