blu-ray-disc-pcThe world was rejoiced with the introduction of the Blu-ray technology. People who loved to see high definition movies were over the world, as the lack of space in DVDs was affecting the video quality. Blu-ray having four times the space of a DVD was able to store two movies in one disc, and both in high quality. The release of Blu-ray in parallel to the introduction of 3D films was also a win-win situation for cinema freaks.

Furthermore, people who would fret about the small size of DVDs, vulnerability of USB drives, and prices and fragility of external Hard Disks also welcomed the newly introduced Blu-ray discs, considering its great performance and low prices.

Shortcomings of Blu-ray

However, in short amount of time people seem to realize that there are some disadvantages of Blu-rays that are being forced on the new technology. With its release and success, Sony got the license for Blu-ray right away so that not everyone could use it. They signed a deal with Windows, which allowed the computers with this operating system to be able to play it. Other than that, users had to buy separate software to play video files on it. Fortunately, as with every other computer related problem, there is an indirect solution to play the Blu-ray files you want to play. Some methods are straightforward, while some are a bit twisted, but the end results are satisfying.

The Methods to play Blu-Ray

There is dedicated software, which may come for free, or for some cost. If you do not want to spend a lot on the software then there are some other methods discussed below.

Usually, one has to buy dedicated media players like PowerDVD or Cyberlink Video Player, that would allow you to play the discs. However, if you have got the Blu-ray player, installed in your computer, and then the provider is bound to provide you with software to play it. If the drive is purchased later, the manufacturer will surely provide you with software to play it with the installation CD/DVD.

An easier method is to convert or rip your Blu-ray file to another format. The best format would be MKV. You can download any MKV converter, which would convert your Blu-ray file into MKV. ‘MakeMKV’ is a good example of software that could give you high quality video after being ripped. The converted file could easily be played in VLC media player. All it requires is a patience of half an hour, or more depending on the size of the media, and you will be able to watch your favorite videos in the high definition quality.

Another method, which is a bit complicated, is using the MakeMKV with different software such as XMBC. This combination will play the video directly from the disc. It will also take some time for the video to buffer. This saves you some space and lets you play the media as if it is been streaming live. Although, it saves you sometime, it is a bit complicated as two software are simultaneously involved in playing the media.

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