There are hundreds of video editing software being released nowadays. Most of the video editing or conversion software is dedicated ones that could only perform a single task. Nowadays, operating systems are being released with all these tools built-in. This would mean that buying separate software just for video editing is not a good approach.

Bearing this in mind, Nero had released its new Multimedia suite, which could do almost everything when it comes to multimedia files. And from everything, it means edit videos, convert them and burn them on a disc, and even play it! This option of playing the multimedia, and on any format, was evidently missing from the previous versions of Nero. This time Nero 12 and its platinum version are all up to the task to bring you the best of multimedia apps.

Nero Kwik Application

A new application has been launched by Nero in its 12th installment. This Kwik app could be considered your complete multimedia package. Now you can create your own libraries of your favorite music, videos, and photos and edit them and you have the option of syncing the audio and adding new effects to the videos and photos. You will have the complete catalog at your disposal with this app. Now with the catalog management, you can find the videos and pictures you are looking for quicker, utilizing the dates of editing, and/or names.

The great app, which is introduced as an upgrade to the previous versions, allows you to create playlist of your own choice and what’s better, is that you could stream these videos or music files on any other device. You can stream movies on TV, XBOX, PS3 or other game consoles. You can also do that with your iPad and Android based tablets. Other than that there is the great video converter, which could allow you to convert blu-ray videos to the format of your choice. This comes in handy when you want to save space as well as the quality.

Play the videos in Nero HD Player

The other great attraction of Nero 12 is the brilliant HD player that comes with the Multimedia suite. It is quite handy to be able to see what you have edited and see the results in best quality. Nero 12 not only allows you to create high definition video with realistic effects and themes, it also allows you to watch it right away.

You can also use this HD player to stream movies and videos in any format. The famous formats that Nero HD player supports are AVI, DIVX, AVC, MP$, MKV, FLV and WMV. There are many other formats that could be played on it as well. Apart from that, there is another option of a media manager that is available with the Nero 12 Platinum version. This manager allows you to assemble all your edited and saved videos in one place and also help you find it quickly. There are many other applications in the Nero 12 suite that doubles the experience of multimedia editing, streaming and playback.


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