how-to-burn-dvdsDVD burning or writing can turn out to be a costly experiment for many, especially when they burn video’s for set-top DVD players. In this article, you will get several technical tips aimed to remove the need of spending hard-earned cash to achieve that ideal burn with DVD.

Tip 1: Check Media ID

Bad burns are called ‘coaster’ that is a frustrating thing for DVD burning fans. Before purchasing, consider media manufacturer’s ID. There are inexpensive media that confuses everyone because the cheap media may burn at reduced speed or it does not support your DVD drive. With high burning quality media, you probably get less coasters and better performance.

Tip 2: Check for DVD drive firmware updates

Technically challenged users ignore to upgrade their existing DVD drive with new firmware. Combination of hardware and software including ROM, PROM AND EPROM having the data recorded are called firmware.

Firmware is built-in chip on DVD drive that states how to operate with particular media, how quickly to burn and more. Manufacturer’s often release upgraded version of firmware with enhanced features like better/rapid drive performance or media compatibility.

Generally, firmware can be easily applied to enhance your drive’s performance. Remember to use firmware intended for your DVD drive because wrong firmware can destroy the drive and cancel your warranty.

Tip 3: Check the formats

Not all standalone players support both DVD + R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats. So check the player’s manual to see which format it supports before purchasing the media. Remember to avoid using re-writeable media, which is best suitable for data

Tip 4: Nero is the best

Currently, Nero Burning ROM is the best option for DVD burner. Nero’s standard version surely fulfils most of your burning needs. Nero 6 advanced Ultra version is the latest that provides outstanding features like video authoring, which allows creating & burning videos.

If you have memories hiding on your tapes, video cameras, mini discs, etc., use this program to transfer them into DVDs and play it on the DVD player. Many 3rd party software packages bind with Nero’s burning engine involuntarily for making genuine burns on DVD drive. However, in a couple of years Nero has rapidly been escorting this sector.

Tip 5: Bitsetting

This sophisticated tip is for those fans having video playback issues with DVD+R/RW format on DVD standalone player. While playing back a CD the standalone player reads limited information about the type of disc it is – Old standalone players just play discs marked as DVD-ROM. Physically, there is no issue in plying back the burned disc along with video, but the firmware instructions are not clearly marked DVD-ROM.

Overcoming this issue is very simple. Update your Players firmware first and the next thing is to have burned disc report – it is DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R/RW disc. This can be completed with the help of an effective feature called bitsetting or booktype change. Some manufacturers provide manual changes while others have programmed it to change booktype to DVD-ROM automatically before you burn the files.

Tip 6: When everything fails use UDF 1.02

If your burned video disc does not play, try burning it using UDF 1.02. Remember some old standalone DVD players may not be compatible with newer UDF version.

People quickly blame DVD media or drive quickly, if anything goes wrong, but it is not necessarily always the case as you read in Tips 5 and 6. Hope these technical tips help you burn your DVD perfectly.

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