Nero is well-known multimedia software that enables a person to capture and convert movies, photographs as well as music and consume them for a wholesome HD experience at home.  With the advent of the new version known as Nero 12, enjoying Blu-ray discs has become easier. This new software is not only compatible with windows 8, it also has provisions to meet every demand the user makes on it with regards to converting, editing, burning and streaming of music, movies as well as high definition photographs.

Designing of the Box pack

To be able to capture the attention of users worldwide, the box pack of the new Nero 12 has been designed to reflect the new attributes of the software. Consequently the design is bold yet simple, contemporary yet familiar and well-defined. The clear cut lines of this box pack have been designed with the intention of enabling it to create a brand of its own thereby making it stand out from among the other software present in the market.

It was a daunting task for the designers to give the new Nero 12 box packs a fresh look which would be intelligent and awe-inspiring at the same time. However with the core principals clearly defined, it became easy to come up with the new look.

The core principals behind brand Nero 12

For the launch of their new and improved software, the developers of Nero 12 wanted to come up with a different look for the box pack of the same. Hence certain core principals were elaborated on, which formed the foundation of this new ultra looking box pack of Nero 12.

They are –
• The bold stripes of the box not only make it stand out but also reflect the basic concept of Nero 12 which clearly mentions that the new suite is a collection of applications which are color-coded, focused and work together in such a way that the total effect is much more mind-boggling than the sum effect of the colors taken individually.
• To differentiate between the usual and the Nero 12 Platinum editions, the platinum version was stripped of all color and the stripes were made with the use of various shades of black. The whole box was then chrome plated to give it a polished and shiny finish clearly proclaiming the advance nature of the Platinum version.
• The contemporary look of the box pack was achieved by
• Leveraging on printing processes which are unusual
• Placing the stripes in a position which would optimize its richness of color giving it added depth
• Addition of a coating of gloss to enhance the vividness of color
• Printing the Nero logo and the version in plain white using a bold and large font to contrast it with the rich color of the stripes and make it clearly visible.
• Displaying the features of the new Nero 12 software in a prominent position enabled the makers to ensure that the difference not only from its previous suites but also from its competitors was clearly visible.
• The placement of the vividly colored stripes at an angle clearly differentiates it from the other products on the shelf yet at the same time conveys its synergy.

The whole design, concept and layout of the box pack is deceptively simple in design and manages to strike out on its own by creating a visual impact yet to be seen on the box pack of any other software. Creating brand Nero 12 thus became easier with the new design of its box pack.